.NET Summit Belarus 2020

.NET Summit Belarus 2020
The 4th annual international conference - .NET Summit Belarus 2020 - will be held on June 13 in Minsk.

Among the speakers of .NET Summit Belarus 2020:

Mark Seemann - the author of a book about Dependency Injection and numerous programming articles, creator of Pluralsight courses. His report “Repeatable execution” will help answer questions: how not to drown in the ocean of logs? What to log and when? How to make this decision? Together we will discuss a formal method that will help us answer these questions.

Michael Staib - Co-Founder at ChilliCream, Microsoft MVP, author of the Hot Chocolate project will reveal the talk “Building real-time applications with Blazor and GraphQL”. Blazor and GraphQL combined will revolutionize how we build rich SPA applications with pure .NET. Blazor for the first time in years gives .NET developers the ability to develop applications that run in the browser. GraphQL on the other hand changed how we work with data fetching. Together we will move on and build a nice real-time application with Blazor and GraphQL. Let us build a truly engaging next gen application!

Florian Verdonck is a Senior .NET consultant with a passion for functional programming. In his talk “Formatting F # source code”, he will speak about the history of the Fantomas project, but for now you can watch the video on Youtube.

Don’t miss your chance to become a speaker and share your experience in .NET development. Submit your talk by April 10 via CFP. Learn more about speakers and talks on the conference website: dotnetsummit.by.