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Microsoft Azure AI Skirts OpenAI's China Ban

Microsoft Azure has managed to avoid OpenAI's ban on providing API access in China, a major win for the Redmond company's cloud and AI efforts.

8 key VMware questions answered at the Azure VMware Solution digital event | Microsoft Azure Blog

Learn more about VMware migration with Azure VMware Solution. Lock in pricing, unlock Azure cloud services, and optimize your vSphere workloads.

Build your own copilot with Microsoft Azure AI Studio   | Microsoft Azure Blog

Microsoft Azure AI Studio accelerates the generative AI development lifecycle, empowering organizations with AI. Read our customer stories.

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Architecture styles - Azure Application Architecture Guide

Learn about architecture styles for cloud applications, including descriptions, recommendations, best practices, and recommended deployment with Azure services.

ClickHouse Cloud Is Now Generally Available on Microsoft Azure

ClickHouse Inc, a leader in real-time analytics, announces the expansion of ClickHouse Cloud to Microsoft Azure, providing users with even more option

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Inside today’s Azure AI cloud data centers

At Build, Microsoft described how Azure is supporting large AI workloads today, with an inference accelerator, high-bandwidth connections, and tools for efficiency and reliability.

Microsoft extends Azure into Oracle cloud to satisfy OpenAI

Big Red has also cuddled up to Google's cloud and made the transition to high-growth off-prem business

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Microsoft Releases Azure Linux 3.0 Preview - Phoronix

Microsoft Releases Azure Linux 3.0 Preview - Phoronix Articles & Reviews News Arc

Get Hands-On with Visual Studio and Azure: Live at Microsoft HQ this August! - Visual Studio Blog

Join us at Visual Studio LIVE! 2024 from August 5-9 at the Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA. Dive into 71 sessions and hear from 35 expert speakers, including 20 from Microsoft. Explore innovations in Visual Studio, Azure, and GitHub. Network with top developers and enhance your skills with AI-integrated tools like GitHub Copilot. Don’t miss this premier event for developers—register now to secure exclusive discounts!

Azure Maps: Reimagining location services with cloud and AI innovation | Microsoft Azure Blog

Introducing Microsoft Azure Maps—bringing new features such as advanced service authentication methods, geolocation, and more.

Update on Inter-Availability Zone Data Transfer Pricing | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

Azure will not charge for the data transfer across availability zones to help customers build more resilient and efficient applications on the cloud by leveraging availability zones. This will enable customers to leverage the benefits of zonal and zone-redundant services without extra costs fo...

Announcing Public Preview of Azure Functions Flex Consumption

We're thrilled to announce the Public Preview of Azure Functions Flex Consumption, a new Linux-based hosting plan which offers the features in Consumption..

Introducing GitHub Copilot for Azure: Your Cloud Coding Companion in VS Code!

:rocket: Ready to Elevate Your Cloud Coding Game? Meet “@azure” – your companion in GitHub Copilot Chat. Get personalized answers about Azure resources,..

Azure API Center: Your Comprehensive API Inventory and Governance Solution

In today’s API-first digital ecosystem, organizations are challenged with an ever-expanding network of APIs. This proliferation - known as API sprawl -

What’s new in Azure Container Apps at Build’24

Azure Container Apps  is a fully managed serverless container service that enables you to build and deploy modern, cloud-native applications and microservices..

From code to production: New ways Azure helps you build transformational AI experiences | Microsoft Azure Blog

What was once a distant promise is now manifesting—and not only through the type of apps that are possible, but how you can build them. With Azure, we’re meeting you where you are today—and paving the way to where you’re going. So let’s jump right into some of what you’ll learn over the next few days. Welcome to Build 2024!

Integrate SonarQube/SonarCloud to your Azure DevOps

Azure devOps pipeline with SonarQube / SonarCloud

Upload File From URL To Azure Blob Storage Using Azure CLI With Bash And PowerShell | Build5Nines

The Azure CLI az storage blob upload command can be used to upload a local file into Azure Blob Storage. However, there are times when it would be easier to

Microsoft will require MFA for all Azure users

Multi-factor authentication makes you, your company and your cloud investments safer

Microsoft Fabric — Data Sharing between Data Engineering, Data Analyst and Data Science Teams

Microsoft Fabric is an end to end analytics platform with capabilities for Data Engineers, Data Analysts as well as Data Scientists. A…

Deploying Large Language Models on AKS with Kaito |

Deploy large language models on AKS using Kaito, an operator that simplifies the deployment of AI/ML inference models in a Kubernetes cluster.

Hot Vacancies

DevOps Engineer

Private company, Azure

Our team is urgently looking for a DevOps Engineer for a direct 6-month contract. The client is based in the Netherlands, and the domain is healthcare. The primary task is to assist with the migration from a local data center to Azure.

.NET Developer

American startup, .NET

A developer is needed for an American startup that manages the operation and maintenance of residential complexes. This is a new project from scratch with a temporary integration of the old system (Web Forms, no code access).

.NET Backend Developer

Field Complete, .NET

Field Complete is a team of passionate, young & fun-loving professionals looking to change the uneffective way that Servicing Industry works on US markets. Field Complete is growing really fast. We are looking for a Back End Developer to build a top-level modern API, ready for high load. Strong expertise with:

Senior Xamarin Developer

DraftKings, Mobile

You will join a mobile team which is working on two very exciting projects, Sportsbook and Casino. The apps are used by users in the US, where we are working on the regulated markets. We are releasing apps every two weeks. Our apps are generating almost 75% of the company revenue and the user base is growing daily. Technical stack on the project: Xamarin.Forms, MVVM with DI, NewRelic, Azure + App Center etc. Switching to .Net MAUI in the nearest 2-3 months.

Senior .NET Engineer

DraftKings, .NET

You will be working in a large US-oriented company that puts as a priority: security, performance, and stability. The candidate will work on pushing a huge number of changes (several thousand per sec) to several thousand clients in a near real-time manner.