.NET Core Ukrainian User Group

Community of developers who love and use .NET Core platform.
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Microsoft Azure Ukraine User Group

A group of developers and application architects in the Microsoft Azure cloud in Ukraine.
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Xamarin Ukraine User Group

This is a group for those who are developing an application using Xamarin.
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AzureDAY is the annual cloud conference in Ukraine - a meeting of technologies, people, experiences, innovations and professional community.

The purpose of AzureDAY is to gather professionals that already have practical experience in Azure and also beginners that only embark on their Azure journey for effective knowledge sharing.

AzureDAY has separate technology threads that profoundly cover various dimensions cloud technologies have.

AzureDAY speakers are foreign and domestic cloud experts, trainers, enthusiasts and business owners.

AzureDAY is a paid event. A ticket includes free coffee breaks. We have early bird discount, students' discount and partners' discount.

During AzureDAY you can take part in practical workshops that are being held on 8th of September. Please note that if you want to participate in any workshop, you need a dedicated workshop ticket.

Workshop attendance is limited by physical limits of trainer's attention, therefore we ask you to tell us which workshop you want to attend during ticket purchase.
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Developex Tech Club

Developex Tech Club is a small monthly meetups on various technical topics. Especially for you we select the best specialists and invite them to share their knowledge and experience.
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Ukrainian IT community

"Ukrainian IT community" project was founded in early 2014 with the goal of creating an information and communication resource where IT specialists at different levels will be able to obtain up-to-date information on various products, as well as the specifics of their configuration.

At the moment, the community is supported by the efforts of the authors, who represent various areas of information technology. This allows the project to cover many areas, which in the end will be more interesting for the reader.
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Metarhia is a technology stack associated with the Node.js that includes components: The Impress application server, the JSTP RPC / MQ protocol, the Global Storage DBMS, the Metasync library for asynchronous programming, and other technologies that enable the development of modern distributed information systems for mobile devices, web and servers with JavaScript as the primary language.
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