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C# 8.0 Indices and Ranges | Hacker Noon

March 30, 2020
Compared to other languages, C# was way behind in capabilities to handle data efficiently. Well, those days are over now. Microsoft just improved the C# syntax, making it easier for developers to manage data in arrays.

Microsoft releases .NET Core Uninstall Tool for Windows and Mac

March 29, 2020
Microsoft has released a new tool that will please anyone who has been frustrated by the behavior of Visual Studio and its tendency to leave behind old versions of .NET Core SDKs and runtimes after an upgrade.

The argument against Entity Framework, and for micro-ORMs. - Paul Knopf

March 27, 2020
The argument against Entity Framework, and for micro-ORMs. - Paul Knopf paul knopf archive about The argument against Entity Framework, and for

.NET Core March 2020 Updates – 2.1.17 and 3.1.3 | .NET Blog

March 26, 2020
Today, we are releasing the .NET Core March 2020 Update. These updates only contain non-security fixes. See the individual release notes for details on updated packages. NOTE: If you are a Visual Studio user, there are MSBuild version requirements so use only the .NET Core SDK supported for each Visual Studio version.

Is C# Slower Than C++? - Michael's Coding Spot

March 25, 2020
Is C# slower than C++? That's a pretty big question. As a junior developer, I was sure that the answer is "Yes, definitely". Now that I'm more experienced, I know that this question is not obvious and even quite complicated.


March 24, 2020
This repo is used for reviewing new .NET designs. Contribute to dotnet/designs development by creating an account on GitHub.

How to create better code using Domain-Driven Design

March 23, 2020
In this post, I am going to present how you can use domain-driven design tactical patterns like value object, entity, repository, domain event, factory, and domain service, to write better code. By better code I mean code that is more readable, easier to reason about and maintain. We will start with business requirements, then we will have a look at implementation that does not use domain driven design and has an anemic model, then we will analyze problems related to such approach and compare it with code build with help of domain-driven design tactical patterns.

Unity Learn

March 20, 2020
Unity Learn provides award-winning free tutorials, sample projects, and full courses for mastering real-time 3D development skills with Unity Learn to make video games, VR, AR, and more.

Announcing F# 5 preview 1 | .NET Blog

March 20, 2020
We’re excited to announce that F# 5 preview 1 is now available! Here’s how to get it: Install .NET 5 preview SDK Install Jupyter Notebooks for .NET If you’re using Visual Studio on Windows, you’ll need both the .NET 5 preview SDK and Visual Studio Preview installed.

Tim Deschryver

March 19, 2020
If you don't watch out your C# application might suddenly perform badly. As a solution, we can limit the number of operations with a LINQ Join.

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Middle .Net developer

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We are looking for Middle .Net developer. Our client is a company that serves the terminals around the world!

Backend developer

.NET Core

We are an Irish product company “OneView Healthcare” and we are looking for backend developer!

Lead Software Engineer at ServiceTitan

.NET Core

ServiceTitan is a leading mobile, cloud-based software platform that connects home service companies with value-added products and services. In 2018 the company raised $165 million in Series D funding and became a unicorn startup. 60% of the working time of an Engineer will be devoted to the development, 40% - to the work on requirements, mentorship, and supervision. You will work on new features and products.

SharePoint Developer

.NET Core

Transfer the software from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.

.NET Developer

.NET Core

Our client – Varonis Systems is the leader in unstructured and semi-structured data governance software, which is any human generated data that is within a company’s environment. Their goal is to protect companies most sensitive information from insider threats and cyber attacks. They do this by allowing organizations to analyze, secure, manage, and migrate their volumes of unstructured data.They value passion, creativity, desire to learn new complex technical areas, agility and accountability. Join a team that is set up to innovate, create and lead from the ground up.

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