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Tell us about your experience with .NET MAUI | The .NET Tools Blog

Did you recently migrate from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI? Are you just planning to start using MAUI? We’d love to hear more about your experience! Take part in our short survey and get a chance to win

Announcing .NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 6: Hello VS Code & VS for Mac - .NET Blog

.NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 6 has more new quality improvements for developers, experimental new AOT for iOS, and exciting new Visual Studio support.

Announcing the .NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Blog

Last month, we released the first preview of C# Dev Kit, a lightweight, editor-first experience that augments your C# development in Visual Studio Code with a Solution Explorer, native Test Explorer, AI-powered code authoring, and more. Today, we’re excited to announce the first preview of the .NET MAUI extension,

What’s New with .NET MAUI featuring Maddy Montaquila

What is new from .NET MAUI? What changes are coming to the platform soon and in .NET 8? In this special episode from the Microsoft Build conference, Tim inte...

Upgrading from Xamarin to .NET MAUI

Learn about the upgrade process - from how to evaluate your existing codebase to the tooling we have built to make your upgrades from Xamarin to .NET MAUI as...

.NET Upgrade Assistant Now Helps Developers Move Off of Xamarin, UWP

Microsoft announced that its .NET Upgrade Assistant extension for Visual Studio now supports migrating apps off of legacy frameworks like UWP.

Xamarin.Forms and Essentials now target Android 13 (in Preview) - Xamarin Blog

New preview versions of Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.Essentials have been released, these versions now target Android 13 by default. In this post you will read all the details.

How to develop an MAUI/Xamarin app with MDM support, including Intune

This article and reference project describe the basic mechanisms for delivering managed MDM/Intune configuration to MAUI/Xamarin apps such as Android, iOS,

Adding Video in .NET MAUI Apps with the New MediaElement

Microsoft recently released another control for the .NET MAUI platform: MediaElement. This is one of the components of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit that allows audio and video playback within .NET MAUI applications.

5 .NET MAUI Features for Building Great Desktop Apps

When developing desktop apps with .NET MAUI there are great built in features that you can integrate into your apps to deliver a higher quality experience for the form factor. Today, we take a look at 5 unique features to consider in your apps.

Android 12L for developers on Surface Duo

Hello Android developers! We’re excited to see that Android 12L is being rolled out to Surface Duo devices, and equally keen to see what the Android developer community builds to support it. Android 12L for foldable app developers The good news for developers is that dual-screen APIs have not changed and foldable app enhancements written for earlier versions of Android will continue to work.

OpenSilver 1.1 released

OpenSilver 1.1 released Download

.NET MAUI in .NET 7 Fills In Xamarin Gaps -- Visual Studio Magazine

With the new .NET MAUI in .NET 7 Release Candidate 1, the dev team has continued to polish things up ahead of a November GA debut while at the same time filling in gaps from its predecessor, Xamarin.

What .NET MAUI Can Do for Frontend and Web Developers

.NET MAUI is the latest tool to promise one code base for cross-platform deployment on desktop and mobile.

Windows Subsystem for Android™

Tips and Tricks July 2022 It has been exciting to see feedback on the Windows Subsystem for Android™, the core engin

What's Next for .NET MAUI? Roadmap & Xamarin Sunset Unveiled -- Visual Studio Magazine

.NET MAUI, which evolves Xamarin.Forms by adding desktop app support, has arrived in .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022, but what's coming up?

.NET MAUI eBook Now Available - Enterprise Application Patterns

Looking to get started with .NET MAUI and need architecture guidance? The new free .NET MAUI eBook on enterprise application patterns is now available.

Announcing .NET Community Toolkit 8.0! MVVM, Diagnostics, Performance, and more!

We're happy to announce the official launch of the new .NET Community Toolkit version 8.0! Including tons of new features such as MVVM source generators, diagnostics, performance helpers, and more!

Building a Draw Something clone in .NET MAUI

This post is part of the MAUI UI July community series of blog posts and videos, hosted by Matt Goldman. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series!

Uno Platform Enlisted for Windows Community Toolkit Labs Makeover -- Visual Studio Magazine

Microsoft has teamed with Uno Platform to revamp its Windows Community Toolkit, a collection of helpers, extensions and custom controls for building UWP and .NET apps for Windows.

Add Authentication to .NET MAUI Apps with Auth0

Learn how to authenticate users of your .NET MAUI application using OpenID Connect and Auth0.

Evolution of Platform API Access With .NET MAUI

Mobile platform API access is a happy story for .NET developers—let’s take a trip down memory lane on how we got here.

Uno Platform Does WebAssembly Threading Months Ahead of .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine

Uno Platform has beaten Microsoft to the punch when it comes to multi-threading in WebAssembly, the tech behind Microsoft's client-side Blazor web-dev framework.

New Resources to Get Started with .NET MAUI

We have a suite of new resources to help you learn .NET MAUI. Come along with us on this learning journey.

Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI

Want to know why .NET MAUI apps boot faster, run smoother, and are smaller? This post break down how we made .NET MAUI fast!

Hot Vacancies

DevOps Engineer

Private company, Azure

Our team is urgently looking for a DevOps Engineer for a direct 6-month contract. The client is based in the Netherlands, and the domain is healthcare. The primary task is to assist with the migration from a local data center to Azure.

.NET Developer

American startup, .NET

A developer is needed for an American startup that manages the operation and maintenance of residential complexes. This is a new project from scratch with a temporary integration of the old system (Web Forms, no code access).

.NET Backend Developer

Field Complete, .NET

Field Complete is a team of passionate, young & fun-loving professionals looking to change the uneffective way that Servicing Industry works on US markets. Field Complete is growing really fast. We are looking for a Back End Developer to build a top-level modern API, ready for high load. Strong expertise with:

Senior Xamarin Developer

DraftKings, Mobile

You will join a mobile team which is working on two very exciting projects, Sportsbook and Casino. The apps are used by users in the US, where we are working on the regulated markets. We are releasing apps every two weeks. Our apps are generating almost 75% of the company revenue and the user base is growing daily. Technical stack on the project: Xamarin.Forms, MVVM with DI, NewRelic, Azure + App Center etc. Switching to .Net MAUI in the nearest 2-3 months.

Senior .NET Engineer

DraftKings, .NET

You will be working in a large US-oriented company that puts as a priority: security, performance, and stability. The candidate will work on pushing a huge number of changes (several thousand per sec) to several thousand clients in a near real-time manner.