February 01, 2018
Skills requirements may be distributed across more than one developer.
  • Experienced in ASP.NET & Entity Framework
  • Experienced using Code-First model
  • Experience working with agile JavaScript development and modern JS frameworks, HTML and CSS
  • Experience using asynchronous AJAX controllers
  • Experience using test-driven approach
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Where possible, experience using data conversion methods on large data sets
  • Where possible, experience with complex XML parsing and dynamic models

When providing CVs please also include previous project portfolio addressing similar requirements.
The developer will use their skills to…
  • Analyse the requirements, give estimations, develop the architecture, plan your work, write tests, write code.
  • Solve diverse technical problems while always maintaining focus on the overall project goals.
  • Implement and deploy responsive, reliable and beautiful web applications enabling complex engineering workflows.
  • Build up an automated testing suite for one of the applications in our architecture.
  • Work in an agile way, using a TDD approach; working in a pair is not unusual.
  • Expand, improve and influence a product which delivers real value to high profile clients who love our technology.
We look for a developer who…
  • Shows responsible relation to their colleagues and to the customers, expressed in every line of code from day to day.
  • Is a software engineer with a speciality in web technologies. They love to keep getting better at that and actively seek out opportunities to work with like-minded colleagues.
We offer…
  • Work on a globally unique, innovative and high value software product for high profile clients.
  • A great place to grow! We are a small, but highly motivated team with a commitment to engineering high quality software. We take as much pleasure from producing high quality code as implementing great features, and we hope you will too.
  • A workplace where we are always ready to ask for help, support our colleagues, and share our knowledge.
  • Working in our agile team we will help you to develop your engineering skills elaborating code design and architecture, and utilising modern methodologies in your daily work.
  • We strive to build a workplace where there is adequate time for proper planning of your work, high quality estimation, and where every member of the team influences product decisions.

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We look for a developer who shows responsible relation to their colleagues and to the customers, expressed in every line of code from day to day. When providing CVs please also include previous project portfolio addressing similar requirements.

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We are looking for the experienced engineer with software development background who is able to build CI/CD flow from the scratch, support and evolve it.

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As you may know, I am currently employed as an architect in Ciklum. Soon we are starting a serious and interesting project from Norway: the client is transferring everything under our control (development of new features, support of existing code, architecture, devops process and much more). Therefore I'm looking for a person that would lead our development team and take roles of both team lead and tech lead. This person will have to talk to clients, plan improvement of product's architecture, work on product documentation. And let me stress this: I'm not looking for a developer for a new project, I'm looking for a person to share my extensive expertise in Azure by working with me. If you have any questions - message me.


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