Sam Altman fired as CEO of OpenAI

Mira Murati will be the interim CEO.

F. von Never — Code Vectorization in .NET and Other Technologies

F. von Never — Code Vectorization in .NET and Other Technologies Engineer, Programmer, Gentleman Posts Talks Contacts Plans Code Vectorization in .NET and Other Technologies

What's new with WinForms | .NET Conf 2023

Since we added WinForms to .NET in .NET Core 3.0 we've been making a lot of improvements for our developers. This session will go over some of these improvem...

Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck) on Threads

We're bringing Llama 2 to @microsoft's Azure AI Studio through Models as a Service. Together we hope to make it easier for developers to adopt these models and build new generative AI applications.

Announcing F# 8 - .NET Blog

Read what is new in F# 8 - the language, compiler tooling and FSharp.Core standard library

Microsoft is finally making custom chips — and they’re all about AI

Microsoft joins the AI hardware race with two custom silicon chips

Microsoft Ignite Day 1 Opening Keynote

Learn, connect, and explore at #MSIgnite! Explore the latest innovations, learn from product experts and partners, level up your skillset, and create connect...

Introducing .NET Aspire: Simplifying Cloud-Native Development with .NET 8 - .NET Blog

Introducing .NET Aspire: A cloud ready stack for building observable, production ready, distributed applications

.NET Conf 2023 - Day 1

Welcome to .NET Conf Day 1! Full agenda: Conf 2023 is the largest .NET event hosted online! Co-organized by the .NET co...

Using the Swift programming language with WinUI on Windows

A new open-source tool from The Browser Company sets us on the road to bringing Swift apps from iOS and macOS to Windows.

.NET Task Parallel Library vs System.Threading.Channels

Wondering which concurrency library is right for you? Let's dive in!

Come build with us: Microsoft and OpenAI partnership unveils new AI opportunities | The Microsoft Cloud Blog

Read the announcements from OpenAI’s first DevDay event and learn about the opportunities Microsoft and OpenAI's partnership presents for AI builders.

ConfigureAwait in .NET 8

Changes in ConfigureAwait that are new with .NET 8.0.

Y Combinator on LinkedIn: Apply to Y Combinator | Y Combinator | 46 comments

Today we're announcing our partnership with Microsoft to give our AI startups Azure credits and priority access to a cluster of ND A100 Azure VMs configured… | 46 comments on LinkedIn

OSS Power-Ups: MassTransit

Join Chris Patterson, the author of MassTransit, for an insightful webinar as we delve into the messaging patterns supported by MassTransit. In today's rapid...

How JetBrains Rider Implemented .NET WebAssembly Debugging | The .NET Tools Blog

Blazor is part of a .NET technology that lets you build full-stack web applications using C# without the need to write JavaScript code. There’s server-side Blazor, client-side Blazor (which uses WebAs

The convenience of System.IO - .NET Blog

File I/O APIs are used pervasively in apps. .NET has great API for reading and writing files. They are a great example of the convenience of .NET.

A new world of security: Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative - Microsoft On the Issues

In recent months, we’ve concluded within Microsoft that the increasing speed, scale, and sophistication of cyberattacks call for a new response. Therefore, we’re launching today across the company a new initiative to pursue our next generation of cybersecurity protection – what we’re calling our Secure Future Initiative (SFI).

Redux Pattern in Blazor

In this blog post, we will use the Redux pattern with a small Blazor application. To demonstrate the inner workings, we will built everything from scratch.

eBook - Migration to .NET MAUI

eBook - Migration to .NET MAUI skip navigation Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Product BundlesDevCraftAll Telerik .NET tools and Kendo UI JavaScript components in one package. Now enhanced with:NEW: Design Kits for FigmaOnline TrainingDocument Processing LibraryEmbedded Reporting for web and d

Trying out MongoDB with EF Core using Testcontainers - .NET Blog

An introduction to the MongoDB database provider for EF Core, including use of Testcontainers

NobleAI Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with Microsoft Azure Quantum Elements

NobleAI announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Microsoft Azure Quantum Elements to accelerate chemical and materials discovery...

C# Tip: How to create Unit Tests for Model Validation

As you know, you should always validate input models. Therefore, you should create Unit Tests to test the data validation. Let’s learn!

What's new with identity in .NET 8 - .NET Blog

A summary of what's new with identity (authentication and authorization) in the latest ASP. NET Core release for .NET 8.

Microsoft Events

Microsoft Events

Hot Vacancies

.NETBack End Developer

Field Complete, .NET

Field Complete is a team of passionate, young & fun-loving professionals looking to change the uneffective way that Servicing Industry works on US markets. Field Complete is growing really fast. We are looking for a Back End Developer to build a top-level modern API, ready for high load. Strong expertise with:

Senior Xamarin Developer

DraftKings, Mobile

You will join a mobile team which is working on two very exciting projects, Sportsbook and Casino. The apps are used by users in the US, where we are working on the regulated markets. We are releasing apps every two weeks. Our apps are generating almost 75% of the company revenue and the user base is growing daily. Technical stack on the project: Xamarin.Forms, MVVM with DI, NewRelic, Azure + App Center etc. Switching to .Net MAUI in the nearest 2-3 months.

Senior .NET Engineer

DraftKings, .NET

You will be working in a large US-oriented company that puts as a priority: security, performance, and stability. The candidate will work on pushing a huge number of changes (several thousand per sec) to several thousand clients in a near real-time manner.

Middle strong .NET developer

SoftServe, .NET

Our customer is an American company that develops software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure. The company provides purpose-built products for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros.

Junior .NET Developer

Chudovo OU, .NET

We are looking for a Junior .Net developer for being involved in to further development of the B2B platform for IT companies. You'll work on mostly back-end tasks closely with a Senior level developer.