Tinkerer - Static Factory Methods vs Constructors In C#

February 19, 2020
Tinkerer - Static Factory Methods vs Constructors In C# Tinkerer Adventures in code Static Factory Methods vs Constructors In C# Recently while pair programming with a

The February 2020 release of Azure Data Studio is now available

February 18, 2020
We are excited to share that the February release of Azure Data Studio is now available.

Understanding Dependency Injection in .NET Core

February 18, 2020
Learn what Dependency Injection and IoC are and what .NET Core provides you to support them.

C# to C# Communication: REST, gRPC and everything in between

February 17, 2020
There are many ways to communicate between a C# client and a C# server. Some are robust, others not so much. Some are very fast, others aren't. It's important to know the different options so you can decide what's best for you.

What is Azure SQL Database Hyperscale?

February 16, 2020
Run your most demanding workloads with near-limitless growth capacity using Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Industry expert, Kevin Farlee shows you how you ca...

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2019 VSIX Installer

February 15, 2020
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2019 VSIX Installer Home Menu Oracle Back Search

Rider 2019.3.2 is Available!

February 12, 2020
Just moments ago we published a bugfix update, Rider 2019.3.2.  Please bear with me as I walk you through the highlights of this release. First off, Rider has inherited lots of fixes and improvements from ReSharper 2019.3.2, such as:  The … Continue reading →

Autofac v5.0

February 11, 2020
This is the first major-version release we've had in about three years (Autofac 4.0 was released in August 2016). There are some breaking changes and new features you should know about as you decide your upgrade strategy.

How to Work with C# Vectors and Matrices for Machine Learning

February 11, 2020
Here's a hands-on tutorial from bona-fide data scientist Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research to get you up to speed with machine learning development using C#, complete with code listings and graphics.

Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event

February 10, 2020
Join our free, virtual event to learn how Visual Studio for Mac integrates modern .NET developer tasks and platforms and makes web, mobile and game development easy and productive on your Mac

Hot Vacancies

Middle .Net developer

.NET Core

We are looking for Middle .Net developer. Our client is a company that serves the terminals around the world!

Backend developer

.NET Core

We are an Irish product company “OneView Healthcare” and we are looking for backend developer!

Lead Software Engineer at ServiceTitan

.NET Core

ServiceTitan is a leading mobile, cloud-based software platform that connects home service companies with value-added products and services. In 2018 the company raised $165 million in Series D funding and became a unicorn startup. 60% of the working time of an Engineer will be devoted to the development, 40% - to the work on requirements, mentorship, and supervision. You will work on new features and products.

SharePoint Developer

.NET Core

Transfer the software from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.

.NET Developer

.NET Core

Our client – Varonis Systems is the leader in unstructured and semi-structured data governance software, which is any human generated data that is within a company’s environment. Their goal is to protect companies most sensitive information from insider threats and cyber attacks. They do this by allowing organizations to analyze, secure, manage, and migrate their volumes of unstructured data.They value passion, creativity, desire to learn new complex technical areas, agility and accountability. Join a team that is set up to innovate, create and lead from the ground up.

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