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December 25, 2022
.NET 7 was freshly released but Microsoft does not sleep. .NET 8 is already in the making and I want to showcase to you one new area where the dotnet team is working on Frozen collections. So let's have a look at what frozen collections are and how they are working.
December 24, 2022
A PriorityQueue represents a collection of items that have a value and a priority. Now this data structure is built-in in dotNET!
December 21, 2022
Microsoft has appointed Leonid Polupan as the new Country Manager for Microsoft Ukraine. Leonid takes over the position after Jan Peter De Jong, who moved into a new role within Microsoft as a Glob…
December 18, 2022
Watch me build a cross-platform C# app that uses NET Core, ML.NET, and PLPlot to detect power anomalies in electricity consumption data.
December 15, 2022
Why Byte Arrays Are A Bad Idea When Dealing With Large Data - Mark Oliver's World Mark Oliver's W
December 14, 2022
Introducing new networking features in .NET 7 including HTTP space, new QUIC APIs, security, WebSockets, and more!
December 11, 2022
Instead of use the Service Locator pattern to tidy up your ASP.NET MVC controllers, consider using the [FromService] attribute to provide even greater cleanliness and separation of concerns to your classes.
December 11, 2022
Cheap and easy savings, using built-in ASP.NET Core Response Caching
December 07, 2022
What's new in recent JetBrains Rider updates
December 05, 2022
Analyzers did become an integral part of the .NET ecosystem. Their main responsibility is to find potential code issues and warn you. Often times this comes even with potential fixes you can directly apply. And Microsoft will continue this journey with the upcoming .NET 8 release. This blog post will show you potential candidates, which will make the cut.

Hot Vacancies

.NETBack End Developer

Field Complete

Field Complete is a team of passionate, young & fun-loving professionals looking to change the uneffective way that Servicing Industry works on US markets. Field Complete is growing really fast. We are looking for a Back End Developer to build a top-level modern API, ready for high load. Strong expertise with:

Senior Xamarin Developer


You will join a mobile team which is working on two very exciting projects, Sportsbook and Casino. The apps are used by users in the US, where we are working on the regulated markets. We are releasing apps every two weeks. Our apps are generating almost 75% of the company revenue and the user base is growing daily. Technical stack on the project: Xamarin.Forms, MVVM with DI, NewRelic, Azure + App Center etc. Switching to .Net MAUI in the nearest 2-3 months.

Senior .NET Engineer


You will be working in a large US-oriented company that puts as a priority: security, performance, and stability. The candidate will work on pushing a huge number of changes (several thousand per sec) to several thousand clients in a near real-time manner.

Middle strong .NET developer


Our customer is an American company that develops software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure. The company provides purpose-built products for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros.

Junior .NET Developer

Chudovo OU

We are looking for a Junior .Net developer for being involved in to further development of the B2B platform for IT companies. You'll work on mostly back-end tasks closely with a Senior level developer.